What goes up, sometimes has to come down… Plus something for you!

Things are always changing in the Blogosphere, and it seems there’s a growing philosophy among those more knowledgable than I, that Blogs should be deleted after a certain period of time.

Web expert Gerry McGovern

Web expert Gerry McGovern

That way your website doesn’t look outdated, plus it’s a good excuse to ditch the pieces you just don’t like anymore.

Just ask Web expert Gerry McGovern, whose client list includes corporate giants such as Microsoft, Cisco, VMware, IBM, Atlas Copco and Tetra Pak.

‘Bringing customers to a page with wrong content is like bringing customers into a car salesroom to show them your cars that won’t start and have scratches all over the paintwork.’ ~ Gerry McGovern
There are others who dispute this; who claim the more Blogs that are up and available for readers to access, the better. That it’s like owning real estate. i.e. The more Blogs available to consumers – like properties for rent – the more ‘hits’, or rent payments you get.

Writing for a living...

Writing for a living…

I reckon there’s something to be said for both arguments, but am leaning toward the former. Another marketing expert has advised me to become more savvy about how I earn money from the Blog – something I’ve been loathe to take into account because it clashes with my traditional journalistic ethics. Her opinion is that I’m giving too much free publicity to businesses who give nothing in return.

The world is changing and journalists and writers are earning less while the costs of everything around us goes up. So yes, I am going to have to reconsider the way I run my business. This means I will still maintain the absolute essentials – that I will maintain absolute independence and never recommend anything I don’t like, regardless of inducements. I will always give an honest opinion whether money or gifts are involved or not. (And in most cases, they aren’t.) Examples in the past include NOT writing about venues, restaurants, products or books I don’t like, even after being offered incentives to do so.


Time to freshen up…

As a result, this Blog – now nearly two years old – is about to get a very minor facelift. Meaning I’m going to go back to the beginning to review all content – deleting items I consider out-dated and considering whether to approach relevant businesses who have benefitted from free publicity about whether to leave those Blogs in place or not.

Personally, I like the simplest of transactions – being sent something I like, telling you about it and then being able to give you a discount option to sample the same product or book. Here’s a case in point. I’ve been sent a copy of Eyrie, the wonderful new book by Tim Winton. I’m in the middle of writing a review which I’ll be posting shortly, but can already tell you it’s brilliant and well worth reading.

Eyrie by Tim Winton

Eyrie by Tim Winton

So if you’d like a copy of your own, order through Bookworld at Bookworld.com.au and by quoting this code – BW-SEO14 – you’ll receive a FIVE PER CENT discount. This offer is valid until January 31st. It mightn’t sound like much, but that brings the price down to about $32, which is much less than the $45 being charged by Penguin books. (And that includes postage!!)

Just go to this Bookworld link: Eyrie.

And don’t forget – if there’s something you may have seen on Facebook or Twitter from this Blog and not had time to read yet – get on to it. Some Blogs may get a quick re-run before deletion – others will just vanish into the stratosphere.

Hot air balloons

Hot air balloons

After all, what goes up, generally has to come down at some point in time or another…

(Except for body weight, which, yes, I will continue to blog about!!)