A multi-talented man…

It’s a little galling when someone is granted more than their fair share from the talent pool. I’m sure you know the types – the ones who can’t decide whether to play professional tennis OR football; the musician with a hit album who also scores a lead role in a movie or the academic with a host of degrees who leads a secret life as a professional snowboarder…

Yep, these particularly gifted people really are a tad annoying. I know they are because I live with one. My husband. And yet I can’t also help but be proud. Let me explain…

Hubby - aka Alan Fletcher

Hubby – aka Alan Fletcher

Many of you probably know him as Dr Karl Kennedy – aka extremely talented actor Alan Fletcher. Before his life in Neighbours, Fletch played roles in dozens of plays for the Melbourne Theatre Company, made several notable films and was nominated for an AFI award for his role in the TV series EMBASSY. As if that wasn’t enough, he’s about to embark on a new TV show which he will film alongside Neighbours and THIS program is designed to showcase his talents as a PHOTOGRAPHER.



See? Bet you didn’t know he was also a talented snapper now, did you? Although many actors DO know this because taking headshots of other performers used to be a sideline job for Fletch. Over the years he’s studied his craft and worked on his techniques to the point where he’ll now be travelling the world and sharing with audience his best tips and his most inspiring photographs.

Here’s one of another ‘snapper’ from our recent trip to the United States:

Time for a bite?

Giant Alligator – by Alan Fletcher

That was taken during a swamp tour outside New Orleans. Well worth doing if you happen to be in town. We booked with Honey Island Swamp Tours – known as the oldest and best in the business. Who would have thought they’d jump so high just for the taste of a marshmallow? Yep, that’s what they feed ’em…

Here’s another ‘gator snapped by Fletch which I thought was pretty impressive… and cute. Funny how we all love baby pictures, no matter what species.

Baby gator

Baby gator

Here are a couple of other favourite photos I chose that Fletch took on our recent trip to the Deep South in the U.S.

This is an arty snap from a wet day on the streets of New Orleans:

New Orleans

New Orleans

Then there’s one of a steamboat on the Mississippi:

Steamboat on the Mississippi

Steamboat on the Mississippi

… And a couple from a bikie gathering in Memphis:

Bikie gathering in Memphis

Bikie gathering in Memphis


Bikies on Beale Street

Bikies on Beale Street

Of course, the photos look even better when viewed in a professional format but I’m sure you get the idea – he’s pretty talented, right?

So if you’d like to see more of Fletch’s work, stay tuned for when PHOTO NUMBER 6 takes to our TV screens sometime next year. It’s a travel show with a difference that will take you on a wild and wonderful ride.


For more details, check out the show website at www.photonumber6.com


2 thoughts on “A multi-talented man…

  1. Hi Jennifer. It’s Peter here. I hope the BBC will buy the series because my friend John Peacock and I went to the venue near London Bridge where he filmed a Punk Rock Band from Exeter. I wish Alan Fletcher and everyone else who made the Documentary Series all the best and I hope it’s a hit

  2. I can’t wait for the show – Fletch’s photos are stunning – the New Orleans shot, particularly evocative and beautiful. Bravo!

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