My journalistic background is detailed in the CV and the ABOUT sections of this Blog, so I won’t bore you by repeating details. Suffice to say, the most recent work of which I am proud, was THE OTHER HALF column I wrote for The Herald Sun. This was printed in the Saturday Weekly lift-out. I had some great feedback from readers and loved the fact they found it as interesting as I did – learning about the life of ‘The Other Half.’

I came up with the concept after over-hearing Fletch being interviewed for a magazine and having to bite my tongue to stop myself jumping in with a few answers that would have been a lot more revealing than his own. That’s when it occured to me – you’d probably learn more about a successful individual from their partner than from themselves. And as the partner of a relatively famous person, I thought it was a good fit for me to write this.

So just in case you missed any of them, I’m going to post my favourite interviews here. Most were printed over two pages, so you’ll have to open both PDF files to get the full picture.  I hope you enjoy reading them.

Lauren Phillips (Gary Ablett Jnr’s partner) PDF (1)

Lauren Phillips PDF (2)

Sloane Boss (Glen Boss’ wife) pdf (1)HS09OCT10PAGE012-WE1–WEEKEND

Sloane Boss pdf (2)

Lisa Campbell (David Campbell’s wife) PDF (1)

Lisa Campbell (David Campbell’s wife) PDF 2