Welcome to my Blog site.

I’ve worked as a journalist and TV newsreader for many years, and now amid the fast-changing media landscape, I’ve become a Blogger.

Tomorrow I also begin a new career path – in RADIO – joining the smoothfm Breakfast Show with Mike Perso. I’ll be bringing you news updates and traffic reports from 6am, so tune in!

It’s hard to believe, but the months have whizzed on by and it turns out I’ve been Blogging now for more than 18 months. I don’t think it’s correct spelling to start the word ‘blog’ with a capital ‘B’, but it makes me feel like what I’m doing might be vaguely important, and because I’m my own boss, I can get away with it. That’s another reason I love this Blogging caper so much. I can write about anything I like in the time-frame I choose and not feel the pressure of deadlines.

I’m not doing it for money either. I might earn a few pennies from the Google ads, but I don’t have an agent and I don’t accept sponsorship from companies. I will though, accept free samples and books, but only on the proviso that the supplier knows I may well write something negative if I don’t like their product.

Some say Bloggers should stick to a particular theme. Coming from a general news background, I prefer to call my Blog a ‘magazine-style’ website – covering a range of topics.

Sometimes, when I watch the wonderful TV show THE NEWSROOM, I become nostalgic about a world that used to be my life. But life is all about cycles and it may well be that there comes a day when I feel ready to return to a newsroom to be part of that bustling, frenetic arena once more. Perhaps not in front of a camera. Maybe behind the scenes where it’s the writing, (which is what got me into this industry in the first place) that is the focus.

For now, I’ll stick to blogging. And screen-writing. And finishing the zillionth draft of my novel. I love telling stories and I love helping people. I also love writing about issues and products that interest and inspire me, that I hope will interest and inspire you too. Everyone has a story to tell. So even if I am talking to you about a product, I hope I can find a story within to bring some humanity and meaning to the subject.

If I’m talking about my family, I refer to my husband (whom some of you may know as Dr Karl Kennedy from Neighbours) as Fletch, and our children are Veronica (Ronnie) and Tom. And yes, I’m supposed to check with them first before blogging about anything that concerns them… (supposed being the operative word)

My views and opinions will of course be entirely my own. I am the writer and editor of all the content so there will be no political or mining magnate interference. I also look forward to reading your comments and feedback.

Thanks for joining me on my continuing venture into the Blogosphere.