Stuff I didn’t know about my own Blog…

Sometimes I wish I’d done an official computer course. The longer I write this Blog, the more I’m finding out about how websites operate and how much I NEED to learn!

For instance, after meeting with my lovely website consultant a few days ago, I only just discovered how the ads on my OWN website work… Pathetic, I know.

Supersprint ad

Supersprint ad

I just thought they sat in the side bar, so that people could look at them and know where to go if they wanted to follow up on something. Like a billboard that gives you something to look at if you’re stuck in a traffic jam on Punt Road. (Which happens all the time…)

BUT I learnt that if you actually CLICK on these ads, they give you a lot more information, by taking you to that companies actual website. Durhhh…

SO, for instance, if you want to go to the Guns and Roses concert, you just click on the ad on my Welcome page, or when you’re reading a story like this one, and it takes you straight to the place you need to go to buy tickets.

If you want to enter the Australian Grand Prix Run on March 10th, click on that ad. Or if you’re needing a fab haircut, check out the glamorous Salon Golightly salon ad and book in with Justin.

Salon Golightly ad

For bridal couples looking for a unique car, check out Pete’s Garage and hire a really cool Mustang.

Pete's Garage ad

Pete’s Garage ad

There – just thought I needed to share that with you.

And another thing. So I can attempt to make a living from writing, there will be more ads appearing shortly on this Blog. This is good news because it means the Blog is growing rapidly in popularity and I now have great figures to justify ads.  But I promise NEVER to EVER allow any of those nasty, loud, in-your-face, POP-UP ads that drive people insane. Me, in particular. I HATE those. They’re scary…

If anyone is interested in placing ads on our website, please contact Kelly  at for a quote.