Christmas kisses – time for a Blogging break!

Time whizzing on by...

Time whizzing on by…

I can’t believe it’s a year since I last wrote about taking a Christmas break from Blogging – surely that was only a month ago? Wasn’t it?

But then I look back at the calendar and see how many Blogs I’ve written, the places I’ve travelled to and the path life has taken me and realise that yes, indeed, a whole year has just whizzed on by yet again…


Right now, there’s other demands on my time that mean I might be posting less Blogs than usual at the start of 2014. There’s several creative writing projects that need my attention and I have learnt in the past few months that I just can’t do both.

Time to enter The Zone...

Time to enter The Zone…

To write creatively is a different matter altogether to writing a Blog and requires me to enter what I call ‘The Zone’.  That means no other mental distractions – no matter how trivial – so I can be fully immersed in the world I’m conjuring.

As we come to the end of 2013, I’ll re-post a few of the most popular stories from throughout the year, and no doubt, there’ll be some adventures and embarrassing tales that I’ll need to share, but for now, I’m taking a break!


So I wish you all a VERY Happy Christmas and holiday season, and a multitude of blessings for the New Year.

Thanks for your support throughout 2013 and I’ll be back when I’ve conquered those creative dragons battling for my attention. Until then, take care, Christmas kisses and good luck.

Christmas kisses

Christmas kisses xxx


Bali dreaming… time to get away.

I’ve been dreaming about this for some time… returning to one of my favourite places on earth – BALI.



And now finally, the day has arrived. I’m just about to finish some last minute packing, hop in the shower and jump on a plane tonight with the kids. Sadly, Fletch has to stay home to continue working on Neighbours, but hey, I’m lucky enough to have my sister, Jill, and several friends heading over to paradise as well, so I won’t be short of company.

But I thought I should warn you this time. Last year when I went on holidays, (to the U.S., last July) I fully intended to Blog every day about stuff, but then found it all too much. Every day I would chastise myself for being slack and every day I would vow to tap something out, but time slipped by and it never happened. Eventually I just gave up. Happily, I must add. I mean, why take a holiday, really, if you’re not going to have a rest? And I did write two summary travel Blogs once I got home.

The problem is, I really do love writing, so I may WANT to Blog. Or not. Which is why I’m saying – there may be a BIG gap between entries – but I’m just not going to commit to anything. At least this time you’ll know why.

Given the crew I’ll be hanging out with, no doubt there will be plenty of stories to tell and I always enjoy sharing travel tips, so let’s see.

Me wearing a neck brace

Me wearing a neck brace


At least one piece of travelling advice from our last trip has been taken on board by our son, Tom. He saw how much I benefitted last year from taking a neck brace on planes when travelling long haul economy. It’s the BEST way to keep the head stable and be able to nod off and have a solid nap without waking, feeling like your first stop off the plane has to be at the chiropractors. They really are SO much more effective than those useless travel pillows sold at airports. And they’re only about $10-$15 each. So now Tom and I will be sporting matching neck braces for the journey!


Don’t worry, I won’t wear it by the beach. The sand’s a good enough cushion for me when lying horizontal. And if you’re wondering about the weird colours with that pic above, it’s because I finally found a solution to publishing crap photos of myself. Edit the bejeezus out of it with colour distortion and it hides a multitude of sins. Perfect.

Now, if only I could do that to my body when I’m on the beach…

Farewell for now. Bali, here we come!

Bali sunset

Bali sunset