Searching for Skin Care’s Holy Grail by Carolyn Palliardi

Fourteen years ago while breastfeeding my son I witnessed what I thought was a miracle. Well, yes, my son was a miracle but that is another story for another time.

In the early days when he couldn’t control his arms, he’d often scratch himself on his face –   his tiny, perfect nails leaving teeny, weeny scratches. By the next breast-feed this barely obvious wound would be completely gone, like it had never happened!



If I hadn’t been so absorbed in his every waking moment, I may have blinked and missed it. I remember thinking to myself, ‘If you could bottle what was in breast milk you would have the holly grail of face creams.’

Today, I’m still as passionate about discovering all things new and wonderful, as I was when I was the long-standing beauty editor of Victoria’s biggest selling newspaper and its’ colour magazine.

So while researching for my new grooming products business, I’d often be distracted by a link or site, which would lead me to the most amazing places. Six months ago a new product was being promoted through some American doctor’s vitamin newsletter. I clicked, followed the link and couldn’t believe my eyes.




I swear I have finally stumbled upon the Holly Grail of skin creams. A cream made with colostrum simply called theCream.

For those of you that don’t know, Colostrum is the first secretion from the mammary glands after giving birth, known as foremilk and it is very rich in antibodies. The literature and studies on it’s miraculous benefits are endless and worth a read when you get the chance. The list of ailments it’s said to cure is even too long for this short blog.



Now the company that makes theCream gets its colostrum from New Zealand cows. In fact, the creator Denie Hiestand was once a successful New Zealand dairy farmer.

It is said that bovine colostrum is the universal donor and New Zealand grass-fed bovine colostrum is recognized as even more powerful than human colostrum.

I always knew I could perform miracles...

I always knew I could perform miracles…

One of the great things they say on the company literature is that they don’t have to kill or hurt any cows to obtain it. It is produced every year voluntarily after calving by happy New Zealand cows. It the ultimate renewable health resource.

I love this quote on their advertising as it resonates with my beliefs. ‘We use “quantum physics” and energy field concepts to create the most bio-active, natural beauty cream. We don’t use water as a base. Everything is built around Colostrum as the main active ingredient.” In fact 75 percent of the cream is pure colostrum and the rest is natural. See the list of ingredients below:

  • Coconut/Palm
  • MSM
  • Tocotrienol Vitamin E is a long chain molecular complex from Rice Bran oil.
  • Organic Aloe Vera
  • Sea Meadow Foam Oil
  • Apricot Oil
  • Emu Oil
  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Hemp Seed Oil
  • Silica
  • Organic Bentonite Clay
  • Zinc Oxide
  • Colloidal Silver
  • Blueberry Seed Oil
  • Orange Peel and Vanilla Oils
 theCream for men

theCream for men


And the good news is that theCream is not only for women. There’s a men’s version too which has a slightly different formula due to the thickness of male skin.

There are some wonderful claims on the website (no I haven’t tested them all just yet!) but I highly recommend you check them out – especially as this cream might also improve everything from your sex life to the gums in your mouth.

I’ve been using this cream for six months and I’m a convert. I love the way it feels, makes my skin look and improves my energy. I occasionally alternate it with the snail cream I bought a month ago because I couldn’t help myself as the idea of snail slime in skin cream got those journalistic desires flowing again. But that story is for my next post.



If you’d like to know more about this product, which you can buy online for $59.95 US, visit this website:

(Carolyn will be back with another guest blog in a couple of weeks. Thanks Carolyn!!)



Who will be my first Guest Blogger?

So here comes the next phase in the life of this Blog – and I couldn’t be happier! Time to ramp things up a notch and bring you stories from Guest Bloggers – sources who are far more qualified than me about particular topics.

My first Guest Blogger, former beauty and fashion editor at the Herald Sun, Carolyn Palliardi, will be posting her first story tomorrow. And it’s (excuse the pun…couldn’t resist) a BEAUTY!! Yep, Carolyn has discovered the HOLY GRAIL of skin care creams and you’ll find out all about it tomorrow.

Co-founder 808 Dude - Carolyn Palliardi

Co-founder 808 Dude – Carolyn Palliardi

The Best Beauty Products Tried and Tested

The Best Beauty Products Tried and Tested

You may remember reading about Carolyn in a Blog I posted last week, introducing you to her new range of grooming products for teen boys – 808 Dude. Carolyn continues to work as a freelance writer and her fascination and knowledge of beauty products is endless – whereas mine is more skin-deep… She is also the co-author of the book The Best Beauty Products, Tried and Tested.



Not only will you benefit from Carolyn’s expertise, her contribution will give me more time to pursue my other writing projects – including a film script – more about which I will share with you in the near future.

Welcome Carolyn, to the team at The Official Website of Jennifer Hansen!




Taking the Stink out of Adolescence

If you have teenage boys, you might be looking for SOMETHING to help teach them about personal grooming and hygiene. Something that will stem the growing stench, something  that isn’t too sissy and won’t give them man-boobs. (Yep, there are serious links between parabens in deodorant and man boobs!!)

Co-founder of the 808 Dude range, Carolyn Palliardi, says the inspiration  for her new grooming products for teen boys stemmed from her desire to give her kids toiletries that were good for their health and not packed with damaging chemicals. Co-author of the book ‘The Best Beauty Products Tried and Tested’, this journalist and TV presenter really knows what she’s talking about. Carolyn is also the former fashion and beauty editor at the Sunday Herald Sun.

Co-founder 808 Dude - Carolyn Palliardi

Co-founder 808 Dude – Carolyn Palliardi

The first name for the range was originally plain old ‘Dude’, because, as Carolyn says, it’s a word that’s used by teen boys all the time and one they can relate to. ‘Of course we wanted to trademark it and we couldn’t, so we had to think outside the box. I couldn’t think of another word to link it to, so started looking at numbers. 808 came up and it means disturbing the peace in America, so it has a rebellious feel to it. It’s also the name of a drum machine, so we thought it was cool enough for the boys to relate to.’

Mum to Emmanuel, aged 14 and 10-year-old Chloe, Carolyn initially came across a gap in the market for teen boys when her son was preparing for his first school camp. ‘He needed a deodorant and wanted me to buy him a well-known brand that’s particularly stinky and is marketed towards young men. Having a passion for fashion and beauty writing, plus a curiosity about products, I found it really hard giving my son – at his young age – products that were so chemically related.’

Carolyn is a firm believer in the theory that what we put ON our bodies and skin, really does affect our health. ‘There was absolutely nothing on the market for him that was suitable. Especially in that growing phase when there’s changes in the body. There were some natural products – tea-tree oil based – but they stank so much you couldn’t get kids to wear that. So one day I suggested to a girlfriend we make our own and she agreed and that’s how it all started.’

After two and a half years of hard work, Carolyn’s product was born and is now on the market. There’s a deodorant, a shampoo and body wash, plus a skincare product called ‘808 Dude Zit Wash’. All very teen friendly names on these babies! There are more products in the pipeline, including products for teen girls, plus a ‘Camp Pack’ for parents to give kids to take on school trips.

808 Dude Teen Grooming Products

808 Dude Teen Grooming Products

The stand-out bonus about 808 Dude products is that they’re completely free of petrochemicals, parabens and sulphates. Parabens in particular are a cause for concern, having proven to be linked to hormonal and carcinogenic side-effects. ‘The whole idea is to come up with a range that gives a healthy alternative to everything else on the market,’ said Carolyn.

‘There are studies that show links between parabens and oestrogen which lead to breast cancer in girls and cause boy-boobs in young men. So that’s causing hormonal changes and I think it’s better to be safe than sorry,’ she warned.

808 Dude Deoderant

808 Dude Deoderant


Makes you wonder why the major pharmaceutical companies aren’t making changes to their products, I ask? ‘Well, there’s so much money being made by these brands and they don’t really care,’ said Carolyn. ‘We are actually a really expensive brand to produce because ours contain active essential oils and our packaging is made here in Australia. But I don’t want to compromise on quality.’



808 Dude deodorant  is top-grade organic, although surprisingly, that’s one factor that doesn’t rate on the packaging. Carolyn says that’s because ‘organic’ doesn’t appeal to teen males. (i.e. – boys reckon all that organic stuff is WAY too daggy and hippie) That also explains why the graphics pack a punch with graffiti style artwork rather than a peace-love-and-harmony theme.

808 Dude Shampoo and Body Wash

808 Dude Shampoo and Body Wash

‘The face wash and shampoo contain essential oils and there’s also organic guarana and ginseng. The ginseng in the face wash actually balances oil production and it smells amazing. And there’s sandalwood and patchouli in the shampoo, which is lovely.’ Carolyn says she’s delighted that Emmanuel now uses the products regularly and hoards them in his room so no one else can use them.

‘It makes such a difference when he walks into the room after a shower,’ she said, smiling. ‘Chloe and I can really smell the difference. If he’s used a big-name brand, Chloe says, “Oh God, you stink!” So the positive reinforcement we’ve given him about 808 Dude has really boosted his confidence.’


The reason the shampoo and body wash are an all-in-one product comes down to the teen boys mentality about personal grooming. ‘When teen boys shower, they don’t want to think. They don’t want to have to choose between a shampoo and a body wash, they just grab anything. The essential oils are also good for lifting the spirits and energy, so they have a positive effect without them even knowing.’ Clever!

Great to hear that 808 Dude is taking off already. The deodorant is selling out on the website ‘Nourished Life’

and it’s just been listed on-line at Chemists Direct

and at Pharmacy On-Line.

808 Dude Zit Wash

808 Dude Zit Wash

Plus there’s plenty of smaller health stores and pharmacies stocking the brand, supported by parents wanting to give their teen kids a healthy option to the big-name brands in supermarkets. ‘It’s a no brainer of a choice really,’ said Carolyn. ‘It’s between something with chemicals or something that works with natural and organic ingredients. I want to spread the word to parents of boys in particular, that this is really important.’

‘There isn’t a teen range for boys anywhere else in the world. Boys have now grown up with their dads using products, so it’s a natural step for them, but there hasn’t been anything before now they can use.’


And while Carolyn still works as a freelance corporate editor and takes on personal styling jobs, she may have to let those gigs slide in the near future with 808 Dude going from strength to strength. Which is to be expected, really. I mean, what parent doesn’t want the best for their kids? Now, if only someone could come up with a product that will make boys pick up socks from their floor…


P.S. Just for the record, my teen son, Tom, has also road-tested the range and is now a convert. It really does smell fantastic!