Shorter blogs on the menu


This is just a short blog to say that from now on, I WILL try to write shorter blogs. Fletch read the blog I posted today and informed me that it was too long. That people want concise, ‘pithy’ reads – not long meandering, pieces like the ones I produce.

At the same time he complimented me on writing a ‘great’ blog. Which was very kind. But I don’t think today’s post WAS a ‘great’ blog. It was a trivial piece about New Year’s Resolutions and my nerdy (albeit temporary) obsession with a jigsaw puzzle. Perhaps he used the word ‘great’ in reference to length?

Regardless, this is a short blog to let you know I will indeed attempt to write shorter blogs  from now on. With endless joy.

My first photo shoot

My first photo shoot

And that