Sometimes leggings CAN be pants…


The WRONG way to wear leggings...

The WRONG way to wear leggings…

There’s many a fashion guru out there who scoff at that old wardrobe essential – leggings. I’ve been known to join them in that catch-cry you scream in your head when you see someone down the street, wearing leggings the WRONG way.

‘Leggings AREN’T pants!!’


Threadbare ain't good either...

Threadbare ain’t good either…



Honestly, some people just have no idea… If you can see the crutch area, you’ve got it wrong. And threadbare? SERIOUSLY wrong.




The RIGHT way to wear leggings

The RIGHT way to wear leggings



But leggings ARE great when you realise that mini-dress you used to wear is now WAY too short, but could be a nice top if worn over leggings. And what about the long-jumper-with-boots-look over leggings? That can look pretty cool, worn the right way…




All Saints

All Saints


Raffi leggings - £40.00

Raffi leggings – £40.00

Then I came across this look the other day, from one of my favourite overseas stores, All Saints.( It’s one of those seriously cool stores you imagine someone like Johnny Depp might stroll into.) They’ve managed to incorporate a skirt into the legging – making it an all-in-one piece – the perfect solution for those of us concerned we might commit a fashion sin. These are foolproof! You CAN’T go wrong!!



Raffi Cropped leggings - £25.00

Raffi Cropped leggings – £25.00

There’s even a cropped version, although I think I prefer the full length style, myself.

Sadly, All Saints hasn’t opened a store in Australia yet, but you can order on-line at

A warning – it’s dangerous, as I just know you’ll be tempted to buy more than just the leggings. And don’t forget the price tag is in POUNDS – so it’s almost double in Aussie dollars.


Blaize jumper dress - £118.00

Blaize jumper dress – £118.00


This was another piece I fell in love with – the Blaize jumper dress – so simple and versatile, yet uber stylish. Not to mention that necklace… Love it!


Happy shopping.