New Year’s Eve Resolution Update


This is just a quickie blog to make myself accountable for the five New Year’s Eve Resolutions I promised to myself. Here’s how I went in the past week:


(1) Sugar free challenge (apart from wine) – to stick to the ONE LINE RULE diet.

Missing chocolate the most...

Missing chocolate the most…

Still going well, although because we’ve been on holidays I still haven’t enforced the three-alcohol-free days rule. But I did have ONE yesterday and two last week! Yay me. And at least I am now seeing a slight drop in weight, which although that’s not the primary reason for cutting sugar from my diet, it is encouraging. I am missing a lot of my regular treats though… No more fruit buns from Baker’s Delight… (sigh.) I’m meeting with my anti-sugar guru Emma Dumas, to get some more tips about maintaining the One Line Rule diet, so I’ll post them shortly, including a couple of recipes that may be of use to those of you who are also trying the NO SUGAR campaign.

It is tough, but I’m going to keep going! So yes, I get a tick for keeping to my ONE LINE RULE diet for the first two weeks of the year.

Spider Solitaire

Spider Solitaire

(2) Not to play I-Phone Games.

Hmm… not going so well. Got home from Lorne and found I still had Spider Solitaire on my I-pad so thought I’d sneak in a quick game which turned into half an hour, Pathetic. So I deleted that but then I transferred my addiction to games by joining my daughter in working on a 2000-piece jigsaw. A jigsaw??? Really? But I found it quite meditative and kept at it till about one in the morning till it was done. So I can’t get a tick for beating time-wasting game addiction this week. But surely jigsaws don’t count? A shared mother-daughter activity has to be considered worthwhile, doesn’t it? And they’re NOT an I-phone game… No, I still played Spider Solitaire so I get a big fat cross. X

(3) To tidy my office before the end of March.
Still plenty of time till the end of March, and I’m doing little bits and pieces, so I think I’ll get there. A tick for this one.

(4) To go to the gym at least 3 times a week.
The disclaimer on this resolution, was “except for when on holidays”. As we returned from holidays at the end of last week, this one still doesn’t really count, but I did manage a spin class at the gym, so I think I get a tick here.

(5) To NEVER smoke another cigarette again.
Even after a big weekend at the Jeep Portsea Polo, I stayed cigarette free so I get a big fat tick here.

So checking the scorecard – that’s four ticks out of five at the end of week two. But the coming week will be a bigger test as I’m now back in the work routine and will have to enforce the 3-times-a-week gym rule. Will keep you updated next week.


2 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve Resolution Update

  1. I have enjoyed reading your updates Jennifer. I too was “considering” the sugar free diet…but somehow managed to talk myself out of it all the time. So I am very interested to see how it is going for you. Are you bored with food yet?

    • It’s actually going well, thanks! Sometimes I get a tiny bit bored with it, but it’s also a challenge finding substitutes and other ways of dealing with cravings, in the hope that in the long term, the sugar addiction will be conquered! More advice to come in another blog in a day or two. Recipes as well!

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