Going ‘sugar free’ is tougher than it sounds…

As you know, this New Year challenge means my diet isn’t COMPLETELY sugar free – it’s just a phrase I use because I’m practically sugar-free and if I had to explain the ONE LINE RULE diet every time, this Blog would become very boring.

In fact, I AM getting a little bored with being sugar free. It’s tougher than I thought – especially being on holidays. I even asked the ice-cream parlour lady yesterday if they sold a sugar free variety (they do at Chadstone Shopping Centre)  because I was desperate to satisfy my craving – but alas, no luck…

My next best option was to find sweet treats that meet the ‘less than 5% sugar’ criteria. I’m not saying it’s a great idea to devour these by the bucketload, but these are good stand-by emergency treats if you can’t hold out any longer…

Here’s my favourites:

Anti Ox Chocolate - Goji flavour

Anti Ox Chocolate – Goji flavour


1. Ant Ox Chocolate – Goji
Sweeted with Stevia, this chocolate contains only 4.6% sugar. The Goji berries increase the sugar content compared with plain chocolate, but I think make it more satisfyingly sweet.






Sugar Free Dark Chocolate Bar

Sugar Free Dark Chocolate Bar


2. Single Sugar Free Dark Chocolate Bar – 0.2% sugar
Not as good as the ‘real deal’ but a good substitute.



Slim Fruits - Peach Melba flavour

Slim Fruits – Peach Melba flavour



3. Slim Fruits – 0.2% sugar
These are a good substitute for jubes. And a tip – the Peach Melba flavour is far preferable to Watermelon.






BSC Lo Carb Bites

BSC Lo Carb Bites


4. BSC Lo Carb Bites
Strawberry and Cream – 5.8% sugar. These are slightly above 5% sugar so I wouldn’t recommend eating more than one a day!
Swisse Chocolate flavour – spot on 5% sugar. Again, only eat one at a time. I prefer these as well to the Strawberry and Cream.


Extra sugar free chewing gum

Extra sugar free chewing gum


5. The ever reliable sugar free gum!
At ZERO % sugar, this truly is the best sugar free alternative.







At least dining out isn’t proving too difficult. At Frangos and Frangos restaurant last night in Lorne, I kept to the sugar free challenge by ordering a steak and salad, with a roasted beetroot side dish. But yes, I did also knock back more than a couple of chardys…. As I said previously, I’m going to deal with that alcohol rule back in Melbourne.

Half the gang...

Half the gang…

…and the other half, at Frangos and Frangos

…and the other half, at Frangos and Frangos








An excellent evening – both service and food at Frangos and Frangos get a big gold star from me. Not to mention the company, which was first rate. If you’re making a trip down Victoria’s surf coast, be sure to make a booking on  03 5289 1896. The address is 150 Mountjoy Parade, Lorne. 





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