Sugar-free challenge update

Just quickly, I wanted to let you know this sugar-free concept is already gnawing at me… Today is NOT one of those alcohol-free days I mentioned, so I went to a friend’s house for New Year’s Day drinks which was enormous fun, but have since got home and am desperately craving a sugar fix.

I’m sure it’s because I’ve been drinking wine. My body is craving the sugar to keep the balance. So I’m in my office, and without thinking, reached to open the ‘secret treats’ drawer…

Sesame Snaps

Sesame Snaps

Yum…. Sesame Snaps! A treat I always justified because they’re also packed with sesame seeds which are great for you – right? But hang on. Let’s check the sugar content…. Hmmm.



Can’t do that. I CANNOT break the ONE LINE RULE on day one.

Off they go – relegated downstairs to the general pantry.

Okay, I’m fine now. Guess I’ve had enough sugar for today anyway. Time to watch a horror movie with my daughter. Silent House. Anyone been there done that? Anything to take my mind off sugar…


10 thoughts on “Sugar-free challenge update

  1. Good luck! But just be careful . once I did a carb free diet and lost heaps of weight then ate someone’s dinner roll and couldn’t stop. Made up for all the carbs I went without and put on even more weight. Now I feel like some toast ( white bead) with butter and vegemite but I only have that stupid burgen weight watchers so will pass xxx

    • Ah yes, I’ve tried the carb-free diet too, but find it hard to maintain, so hoping this proves more of an on-going lifestyle choice. We will see…!!

  2. Hang in there Jennifer. I am so conscience of sugar content and as with u looking for sweet eat after dinner. My tip some nuts – almonds are good. Or I have tried golden berries they are sweet and sour. They sure surpress the urge.

    • Hi Sandra, That’s a good tip – I’ve never tried golden berries? Will try to track some down and let you know if that works for me too. Thanks!

  3. Hmm, now you mention those sesame snaps… they were too sweet even before I knew anything about Sweet Poison! Yep, movies are great for distraction from all sorts of pesty feelings. Keep going!

    • I had an egg on toast instead – that worked very well! So far so good – but hey, it’s only day one!! Thanks for the encouragement. 🙂

  4. I try to read all labels and like you, decided that I was going to follow the ONE LINE RULE. How hard is this!!! the milk I use (thought it was just skim milk) has 5.4g of sugar per 100ml

    • Don’t forget the milk is not so bad as it is lactose
      not fructose – I think that is right. Drink whole milk instead of skim – much nicer too

      • would love to drink whole milk, unfortunately, i can’t digest it and haven’t been able to for over 30 years. I don’t drink skim for the calories, I drink it as it’s the only one I can.

    • Wow – thanks so much – I never knew that about milk! It’s the one product I would never have suspected to contain such a high percentage! I’ll definitely include that info in my next blog… They’re the tips that are worth taking on board — thanks again.

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