Minxies – The Newest Trend in Nail Art

In keeping with the travelling theme of this week’s blog post, let’s look at a beauty tip for your next holiday. Chances are you don’t want to spend time on maintenance while away, and if you’re going somewhere in the sun, your toes will be on show so you might opt for a pedicure before leaving.

The best way to keep your feet sparkling for the longest time is to invest in some MINXIES. They look like a high-end brand of ultra-shiny nail polish, but in fact they’re foils that are cut from a special sheet of paper and applied with a heating device to your toenails.

A huge plus about Minxies versus regular nail polish is that they last between 4 – 6 weeks on your toes, and about two weeks on your fingers. Personally, I only have them applied to toenails because fingernail re-growth is faster and I don’t have the time, money or inclination to visit the salon that often.

Minxies for your toes

Minxies for your toes


Here’s how they look in a promo shot:






And here’s how they look on regular feet. (i.e. – mine) Not so glamorous, but proof even the knobbliest of feet do look better with Minxies.

My toenails...

My toenails...


Zebra minxies

Zebra Minxies




Minxies are now available at many nail salons around the country and come ins a variety of patterns and colours. Yes, you can even get a zebra print…



Yellow on silver Minx

Yellow on silver Minx






Personally, I like to stick to a simple metallic, plain gold or silver.  Although I did see a new design – silver and yellow – which brought to mind Seal’s famous yellow nails from The Voice and I suddenly had an urge to try something new…


If you’d like to see more designs, check out the Minx website at www.minxnails.com

For Melbourne girls, my tip for the best salon working with Minx is Ripponlea Nail Shop at 32 Glen Eira Road, Ripponlea.

Ph: (03) 9528 5740

The lovely Melanie Lachal is the salon owner and an expert in the art of Minx.

Melanie Lachal

Melanie Lachal

The cost is $50, which is quite economical given it lasts on the toes for as long as it does.

Another bonus about this product is you can’t smudge your nails once you leave the salon. Shoes can be worn almost immediately, making Minx a much more practical option than nail polish. Let’s face it, anything that saves time is a huge plus for most women leading hectic lives, trying to maintain careers, families AND appearances. If it’s simple, fast, economical and looks good, it wins my vote.



6 thoughts on “Minxies – The Newest Trend in Nail Art

  1. I love this post Jen. I remember a while back seeing your toes all Minxied up and was beside myself with jealousy. I have been meaning to ask you where they are done etc – I’m going to be the face, or feet of Minxie’s as soon as it heats up. Thanks!

  2. Am already a huge fan. Ripponlea salon is going to be swamped! Can’t wait for some nicer weather to flash the gorgeous minx.

  3. I love Mel’s nail shop RNS. It’s always decorated for all the holidays which makes it lots of fun.
    Next time I go I’m trying MINX for sure!!

    • Thank you so much Kristen , we look forward to seeing you again soon @ RNS.
      Jenn , you’re a fabulous advertisement for our Minx .

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