40 is the new 30 UNLESS… – The new fertility awareness campaign

I’ve often run around proclaiming 40 to be the new 30 – more out of ageist vanity than anything else – so it was a slogan that very much caught the eye when I spotted it on the wall at the gym recently.

40 is the new 30

40 is the new 30

The gym bathroom is a popular advertising venue...

The gym bathroom is a popular advertising venue…

The ladies room at the gym is a popular advertising spot and glancing around, I found a range of these ads covering most of the walls – apart from the odd deodorant campaign.

But on closer inspection, it was pretty obvious the old familiar saying wasn’t designed to prop up the egos of the over-40s. Rather, it was spruiking an important health message – one I’ve often said needs much greater attention in the community. (See an earlier Blog I wrote in November last year for more personal details. http://jenniferhansen.com.au/wp-admin/post.php?post=5698&action=edit&message=1 )


Perhaps someone was listening because now the state and federal government health departments have combined forces to get the message across to women in the public domain.

You see, when you get to my age, you find many women around you who weren’t given this message and now it’s too late. There used to be a common misconception that it was all good and dandy to easily fall pregnant in your forties, and that’s not the case. In fact, regardless of age, ten per cent of couples struggle with fertility. At 32, your fertility declines, and then after 35, your chances of conceiving fall dramatically.

As the main poster message says – Fertility IS Ageist!!

Fertility is Ageist

Fertility is Ageist

As I wrote earlier, I’m also well aware that this is a highly sensitive and complex issue. I don’t wish to offend anyone who is an older parent – if you’ve made it work – fantastic. I’m just saying – if you’re like I was in my late 20s and think you have all the time in the world – think again. Look up the statistics and decide whether it’s really worth waiting.

And congratulations to our health authorities who are finally doing something about the issue. If you’d like to know more, just visit the fertility website.

Check out the website

Check out the website

After all, babies are pretty fabulous. I’m lucky enough to have had two and wish everyone as much joy with parenting as ourselves.

Tom as a newborn. Photo by Fletch

Tom as a newborn. Photo by Fletch

3 thoughts on “40 is the new 30 UNLESS… – The new fertility awareness campaign

  1. Someone needs to tell the men. In most cases, it take two to have a baby.

    Pretty much all the childless women I know would have loved to have a baby while they were still fertile – if they could have found a decent man prepared to have one with them.
    But no, the men were all off escaping commitment, chasing young women and drinking and partying.

    • An excellent point and one I very much agree with! I’ll have to ask gym management whether the posters went up in the Men’s bathrooms as well and if not, tell them to get to work! Thanks Liz.

  2. Very Glad that authorities are finally circulating the message across women.Being myself a struggle, there are so many issues like Endometriosis,PCOS, PID,FYBROIDS and other issues which should be circulated too at early age to women. As due to these problems also ladies are unable to fall pregnant if they delay.

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