Art or scribble? An act of necessity fills a hole in the wall…

Sometimes we have no other choice than to complete something at the last minute. This is NOT always a good idea. For example, finishing a book. It’s never going to work if you try to rush the writing process. But when it comes to art, sometimes being under the pump can lead to all manner of inventiveness.

A sneak peak...

A sneak peak…

This is my way of justifying the canvas that hangs in my office right now. You see, we had a photo shoot scheduled at our house last weekend. At the last minute, I realised I’d forgotten (for more than a year) to create a masterpiece on the white canvas on my easel that was SUPPOSED to fill that giant, gaping blank hole on the wall behind my desk.

When I realised on Friday night that the photographer was due in less than eight hours, plus I needed to sleep, I got my skates on. Anything would be better than a blank canvas, right?

How to finish a painting and make it acceptable in under two hours? I decided three simple rules would do the trick:

1. Keep it simple.
2. Stick to one colour
3. Make it abstract.

And voila! Here it is.

Frameless and simple

Frameless and simple

It isn’t going to win any awards and some may think it looks more suited to the walls of a kindergarten, but I was just pleased I managed to match the colour of the new office accessories I’d found at Officeworks and Typo in St Kilda. The teal green pen holder and box set are from the Martha Stewart range and create a lovely fresh look against the white walls and desk.

Sunlight through the attic window casts a dappled glow...

Sunlight through the attic window casts a dappled glow…

Of course, the right beams of sunlight streaming through the attic window also help… but you can’t start analysing about what it all means. The doodles aren’t meant to represent anything. No, they’re not weird insects or phallic organs – just swirls, lines and curly things making for something that kinda works for the room.

Try it yourself – it’s always fun to let your creativity loose and see what you can come up with.


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