An Über way to ride


Melbourne taxis

Melbourne taxis

Sometimes Melbourne’s taxi services leave a lot to be desired. I really tire of drivers who don’t know left from right, let alone how to get anywhere, such as the location of our major icons – even the MCG. Why they don’t have to pass a test like the London cabbies do – with THE KNOWLEDGE – beats me.


And then, with our recent spell of hot weather, there’s the matter of personal hygiene… EWW! Shouldn’t the use of deodorant be mandatory??? Even better, let’s lobby for legislation.

But it’s not within my budget to afford a limo every time we go out. Heck, I’m quite happy with public transport if I’m not in high heels with trussed up hair heading somewhere fancy. But hang on… I do wear heels quite a bit….

Uber logo

So I was delighted when I heard a new service, called UBER, was being introduced in Melbourne, to fill that gap in the market – for those wanting something more up-market than a taxi but not so pricey as a limo. It’s already proved a hit overseas, with Uber cars in most major cities including London, Paris, New York and Berlin.

UBER promises a service with sleek black cars, air-conditioning and drivers who know exactly where they’re heading. (And are groomed appropriately!) Even better, Uber has an amazing I-phone App which is incredibly accurate. It will tell you exactly how many minutes away your driver is, so you can decide to proceed with a booking or not.

THIS is how a travelled when I headed out last night. Mev, the Uber driver, turned up to within a second of the estimated time and I never had to tell him which way to go to get to The Smith restaurant in Prahran. (one of my favourites!!)

Merv and his Uber car

Mev and his Uber car

It might cost a few dollars more (the average cost compared with a taxi ride is about 30% more) but the quality and efficiency are worth it. As well, you don’t have to worry about payment at the end of the trip as it’s all charged automatically to your credit card. Those details are sorted when you sign up. And you’re not expected to tip the driver either – just be polite! The website is easy to navigate too, at

Or if you’d like to know more about rates and charges, check those details here:

Now isn’t that better than finding yet another tax driver who doesn’t have the right change? Arghhh – that always drives me crazy.

Now I can sit back and relax, and enjoy an UBER ride every time.


(NOTE: The Uber Group kindly donated vouchers to the Goodie Bags of our Sisterhood Charity function on Valentine’s day, raising funds for cardiac research at St Vincent’s Hospital)

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  1. Thanks Jen will definitely take your advice. So over the Melbourne taxi service. Thanks again for all your wonderful posts and advice. Always look forward to them bron xxx

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