An inspiring story from MakeupFree Me Day…

I’m often surprised and delighted to hear from friends from distant places who come across my Blog and get in touch as a result of some of the stories I write.

Yesterday though, I was doubly thrilled to hear from my 18-year-old step-niece in Sydney, Rebecca Pearse, who’d read my Blog from last week about the Makeup Free Me campaign. Not only had Rebecca taken up the challenge and gone ‘makeup free’ for the day, she’d raised $529 along the way for the Butterfly Foundation.

Congratulations Rebecca! I am full of admiration for this young woman who took time out from her heavy Year Twelve workload to raise money for such a good cause. Mind you, I’m also pretty envious of someone who looks so totally gorgeous both with AND without makeup.

Rebecca with makeup

Rebecca with makeup

Rebecca without makeup

Rebecca without makeup









I wasn’t so successful in taking up the challenge myself… although I did give it a decent shot. With a heavy workload this week in the lead up to heading off overseas, I knew it was unlikely I’d have time to jump on the fund-raising bandwagon full throttle, so I decided just to dip my toe in to test the waters this year, and I vow to do this properly next year!

But I did go for a full DAY without makeup! It sounds superficial, but for me, this is a big deal. Don’t forget, I began working in the TV industry at the tender age of just 20-years old, where a full face of make-up wasn’t just for vanity’s sake, it was an on-air necessity. I learnt all the tips of the trade from our highly skilled make-up staff and still love the artistry involved.

I do though, however, fully support the concept behind the Makeup Free Me campaign – encouraging women in to go ‘makeup free’ for one day to show the world you can step out and be confident about who you are without any artifice.

Especially because the campaign is also about raising funds for that excellent organization – The Butterfly Foundation, which promotes positive body image and helps those with eating disorders.

So here’s how I survived the day…

Hiding from view...

Hiding from view…

First, it was a matter of being brave enough to face the world…

My daughter chased me with the camera until I finally let down my guard…








Yeah, it’s a bit ghoulish… But I went about my day ‘nude-faced’ and became less and less self-conscious as the hours passed by. I was a little miffed by my local doctor though, when I explained my lack of make-up was because of this campaign and he just looked at me and said, ‘Right…’ nodding his head, sympathetically.  I mean, seriously, he could have told a weeny white lie and said,’ But you look fabulous!’ – couldn’t he?

My stumbling block was the evening. With a ‘date’ planned with Fetch, as a ‘romantic evening’ before I head away, I caved. I couldn’t face turning up at the glamorous Stokehouse restaurant without my lippy. I spent hours debating the issue in my head. But in the end, I wanted to have a great night without niggling self-consciousness getting in the way of our fun. So I justified my cowardice by saying it was more important to put my relationship first. Plus, as I said, I didn’t have any sponsors and fund-raising issues to answer to this year.

Next year, I promise to be braver and go the full distance. Really, I will! If Rebecca can do it, so can I.