The Solution to any Valentine’s Day Blues

Roses are red… but is your heart blue?

Roses are red… but is your heart blue?

Christmas is barely done and dusted and already the shops are over-flowing with chocolate hearts and mushy greeting cards. I’ve always loved Valentine’s Day. Despite so many people whinging that it’s a load of commercial claptrap, I think if you’re given half a reason to celebrate a loving relationship with one of your nearest and dearest, then why the hell not?


But I’m well aware there are many cynics out there who despise the date and loathe doing ANYTHING to celebrate. It can be particularly problematical if you’re in a relationship where one partner WANTS to do something and the other doesn’t. Well guys, HERE’S THE SOLUTION!!

Book tickets now!!

Book tickets now!!


Make your Valentine’s Day about giving to a good cause – raising funds for heart research – and what more appropriate a charity for Valentine’s Day? To raise funds for St Vincent’s Hospital.

Rather than forking out for an expensive dinner and gifts, but two tickets to this wonderful cocktail party – jam-packed with prizes and an amazing goodie bag – and your problems are solved. Morally, you’re doing the ‘right thing’ and at the same time, indulging your partner’s need for a romantic night out. And there will be romance – don’t worry – I’m part of the organising committee.

Just some of The Sisterhood  committee - Jill McKenna, Rachel Holland, Kristen Kennedy, Kate McGrath, Suzy Harris, me, Amber Petty and Karen Grigg

Just some of The Sisterhood committee – Jill McKenna, Rachel Holland, Kristen Kennedy, Kate McGrath, Suzy Harris, me, Amber Petty and Karen Grigg at The Long Room, 162 Collins Street, Melbourne

Formed more than a year ago, The Sisterhood is made up of a bunch of dynamic Melbourne women who want to ‘make a difference’. I was chuffed to be asked to join them. (when I say dynamic – I mean them, not me – I just write a Blog) Last year we held our inaugural ‘girls only’ cocktail party that was a smashing success and a ripper of a night. It was limited in numbers though and tickets sold out very quickly.

This time we’re including blokes, so all couples can come along. Plus it’s going to be held at The Deck, at The Prince in St Kilda – arguably Melbourne’s coolest function venue. But again, we are limited in numbers, so if you want to come along, get on-line quick and purchase a couple of tickets. There are a few surprises in store in terms of entertainment, and there will be a DJ at the end of the evening so you can work up a sweat on the dance floor.

I met with the girls this week on Wednesday night to thrash out the nuts and bolts of the night and I know it’s going to be amazing. We met at The Long Room in the city and I’ve got to say, what a fabulous venue THAT is! Because we had a long list of business items to address, it was great to be at a restaurant that can serve up plates of sensational finger food – SO much easier to manage with a group – so we weren’t too distracted by food from the tasks at hand. We had a great night – which is why I know the Valentine’s Party will be huge – get this group cracking with a guest list and watch out! There’s already a huge buzz about the night and it’s wonderful to know people are right behind the cause.

Heart disease is still the biggest killer (medically speaking) in Australia, but there’s not much fund-raising or attention to the issue out there, so we’re hoping to address that. Just about everyone on the committee has a family member affected by heart issues. For me, my Dad had a pace-maker fitted last year, then complications meant further surgery this year.

I really hope you’ll join us on Valentine’s Day to support this fantastic and extremely worthwhile cause, as well as being able to have a brilliant night. See you at The Deck!

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